June 11 / Pete Roden / azure
If you’re like me the new Azure SignalR Service announced at Build is really interesting especially in regard to Serverless. So I’ve been doing some work with Azure SignalR Service and Azure Functions using Anthony Chu’s custom extension ( However, I really like to provide ARM templates along with my code in repos so others can deploy it and check it out with out having to manually deploy a bunch of services, but I couldn’t find documentation anywhere for how to deploy SignalR Service via ARM template.
April 05 / Pete Roden / azure / web
Late last year several other Global Black Belts and I decided to create a podcast series and we were looking for a way to host it. We landed on using Hugo since this was mostly going to be static content and and several of us were already familiar with it. I really wanted to minimize the infrastructure we needed to manage just to host the site, so I really wanted to build this all using serverless products in Azure.
March 30 / Pete Roden / Azure
A few months back, several of my colleagues and I were putting together a workshop on how to design and run serverless applications on Azure. One scenario we wanted to demonstrate was processing real-time event streams. But we had an issue, we needed a source. Being that this was a workshop all about serverless, I set out to create a tool entirely serverless that generated events that we could then process.